Why Mil-Speak?...

Because it takes one, to know one...

Do you need to improve sales numbers but have run out of ideas...?

  • The military community represents over 50 Million consumers

  • Are they buying from you or your competition?


Do you want to grow military enrollment for your school...?

  • Since 2009, $12 Billion has been awarded to over 800,000 veterans and their families

  • Are they attending your school?

Mil-Speak Marketing generates sales, enrollment & brand support.

100% Military Community 

  • Representing every Branch (Army, Navy, Etc...) & Community (aviation, infantry, surface warfare, etc...)

  • Officers & Enlisted

  • All military demographics (member, dependent, active duty, reserves, veterans, etc...)

If you have never been at part of it, how can you be expected to authentically connect with it??